Indus Aryan Exports (P) Limited strives to promote Quality and Cost Effective Green Products to Indian Customers. Our product range starts from LED Lightings. The cost of Power in the age we live in is paramount and so is the shortage of power. Our LED Lightings are manufactured in Korea by our Principals M/s. Inco Glo-Erum Venture.

The Korean company is also responsible for the Technology transfer and manufacture of LED Light fittings. Most of our products are CE Certified and we use highest quality LED Chips. For Example, our 8W Down Light is equivalent to 36W of CFL Down Lights and it is the Best in Aesthetics in the Industry. Our flat panel lighting (53W) is the slimmest panel in the World and can substitute 2 x 72W CFL 2 x 2 Flat Panels. Our flat panels come with dimming controls for controlling the ambience.

Our next product Breathe WellTM controls the Indoor Air Quality Control. This product is in collaboration with our Korean counterpart Inco Glo and Sudo Premium Engineering. The present era of Indoor Air Quality is polluted with Toxins like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), bad odour, bacteria, fungus, etc. Even though a new house is constructed, the Toxins from the paints, resins, carpets, wall putties account to sick house syndrome. So, in a country like India where Air Conditioning has become the common man's need, maintaining the Indoor Air Quality Control is to be given top priority.

Our ultra portable Breathe WellTM Ion One can fit to any of split, window, and cassette type Air Conditioners. The pulse Ion clusters maintains the Indoor Air Quality by neutralizing the toxins.

We do have several other models for Air Conditioned and Non Air Conditioned spaces. Also, we cater huge Office spaces with Air Handling Units and industrial spaces using our Duct based models. We also have several sensors for different toxins and controllers to monitor and control the Indoor Air Quality. The next product line is on high quality and Green Certified Bath Accessories and Ceramics. Interbath is a company which is doing long time business in this field. They are among the top three companies in this field in Asian Region. We represent Interbath in India.

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